Volaris Airlines – A New Airline For Mexico

Mexico is getting a new airline and if the carrier meets all expectations it will go a long way in helping Mexican air traffic double over just the next three years. Volaris Airlines, started by Mexican billionaires Carlos Slim and Emilio Azcarraga, is expecting to take its first flight on March 13, 2006. Volaris may impact the airline industry well beyond Mexico especially if its aggressive expansion plans work out.

With the Mexican government in the process of voting its interest in two airlines, Aero Mexico and Mexicana Airlines, start up carriers are poised to jump in and provide service as fares drop and demand surges. Up to now, the highly controlled Mexican airline industry has put a damper on customer demand as artificially high prices and a restricted market have kept consumers away. Volaris Airlines, along with competitive start up airline, Interjet, are expected to quickly reshape the Mexican airline industry beginning this year.

Volaris is planning to serve at least six Mexican cities and historically provide service between Mexican and US destinations. No word how all of this will affect wannabe start up Mexus Airlines, currently operating as a "paper carrier" with no concrete plans [or funding] to start flying.

Volaris plans on flying 16 A319 aircraft and has an option on 40 A320 aircraft. TACA International Airlines, based in El Salvador, will hold a minority stake in the airline. If all goes well with Volaris, expect the Mexican airline industry to go through a shake up similar to what the US airline industry has experienced.

Source: Houston Chronicle, January 13, 2006

Source by Matthew Keegan

How To Remove Mold In Your Home

One of the issues that can occur in and around the home is water damage. This may come from water from outside resources, such as a leaky roof when it rains, but it can also come from inside sources as well. This is often seen when water pipes burst and at times, the water may be running for quite some time before you are aware of it. Unfortunately, that water can lead to an even more sinister problem which is mold. If you have mold, it is important for you to make sure that you call in a professional mold removal company that can take care of the problem for you. What can you expect from such a company?

First of all, it is important for you to determine what type of mold is in the home. There are various types of mold, some being more damaging than others. Black mold is among the worst that is seen and it can not only cause damage to the home, it can cause permanent damage to your respiratory health as well. Black mold removal is possible but it is often going to require the remediation company to come into the house for several days or even a week.

The first step in the process of black mold removal is to get rid of any of the damaged items, including drywall, furniture and flooring. Depending upon the severity of the mold and local regulations, this will need to be done by a remediation company in a very specific way. Typically, a barrier will be put up inside the home to contain any of the mold that may be released during the removal of those items.

After the offending items have been removed, chemicals are going to be applied to kill any mold that exist in the area. This may differ, depending upon the type of home that you have. For example, a concrete block home is going to be sprayed with certain chemicals directly on the concrete block. Those chemicals may also be used on a wood frame home although they may be used differently. During the time that those chemicals are sprayed and for several days after the mold or mediation process is completed, air scrubbers are going to run in the home continually. Those scrubbers contain HEPA filters which will trap any of the airborne mold which could be a problem.

The final part of the process is either going to be done by the remediation company or it is going to be done by the homeowner. Everything in the home is going to need to be wiped down with a mild chemical, such as simple green. This will help to remove any of the mold that may still exist in the home. Keep in mind, even if the mold is dead, it may still put off VOCs that would be harmful to individuals who are sensitive to the mold or who may have a difficulty with breathing. After that takes place, you should be able to enjoy your home once again without fear of that harmful problem any longer.

Source by Rebecca Jo

It’s No Secret – Seven Smart Ways A Vision Board Helps You Achieve Goals and Dreams

1. A vision board makes your goals visible. That spiral notebook you scribble in is no match for images. For one thing, your vision board doesn’t get stored away in a dresser drawer. For another, you don’t have to flip through an image board to find a journal entry. Most important, for emotional impact a single decent photo blows away written descriptions.

2. A vision board keeps your goals in front of your eyes. In our world of information overload, remembering what you’ve decided to do on this earth is no simple matter. You wake up in the morning, start coffee, and turn on a TV morning show — “just for the weather.” What you get is a Category 5 hurricane of headlines and advertising. It floods your mind with sound bytes and yet more “incredible video, just in!”

With all that’s going on in the world, it’s surprising you remember to let the dog out, let alone what your goals in life are.

But with a vision board, you see your goals first thing in the morning — and as often as you want throughout the day. Even better: if you create a web-based vision board, it’s available wherever you go. You can visualize and focus on your goals at home, at work, even in an airport. Which is saying a lot.

3. A vision board allows you to choose your goals. If you don’t set your goals, someone else will set them for you — your culture, your family, your employer. Or television commercials. Why do you eat at McDonald’s? Um, the TV ads, and the giant M’s, have a lot to do with it. But when you use a vision board to advertise your own goals to yourself, you’ll pay less attention to french fries and more to your fitness program.

4. A vision board reminds you of what you’re working for. Are you just trying to get a report to the boss on time? Punch your time card? Make one more sale? Or do you have a goal, some reason for all the work you do?

If you don’t have a goal, you’re just running from one task to the next. Ask any chicken with its head cut off: it gets old, and fast.

But with a vision board, you remember what you’re working toward. The hard days — or let’s face it, the tedious and boring parts of even the most exciting projects — become not chores but stepping stones along the path to your goal.

5. A vision board acts as a carrot-and-stick for you. Despite some of the airy words floating round some vision board sites, your fortune ain’t gonna arrive on thought waves. Success in anything takes action. A vision board is the carrot that tempts you to work harder and smarter.

And yes, a vision board can be the stick, too. How? Even if you’re the only soul to know about your vision board, it’s still a commitment. It’s there all the time — a training partner who always shows up. It’s counting on you. Strange but true: you won’t want to let your vision board down.

6. Your vision board keeps you in a positive mood. If you’re a person who really wants to see the glass half-full, but often doesn’t – turn to your vision board.

Keeping long-term goals in sight helps you feel far better moment to moment and day to day. Feeling better means you can network better, work harder, love more sincerely — and feel fine about taking time off too. Sure, all of that makes you more effective and successful. But it also just feels better to have long-term, concrete goals.

7. A vision board allows you to create a purpose in life. If you don’t choose your purpose in life, one will be chosen for you. You really don’t want to wake up in a nursing home and find you’ve lived your employer’s purpose for your life. Or your culture’s. Or even your mother’s. (Maybe especially your mother’s!)

Your vision board not only helps you to set a purpose. It lets you modify your purpose when that’s necessary. For example after a major life change, or as you grow personally. Best of all, when you choose a web-based vision board site, you get all the inspiration of multi-sensory visualization – and never again have to fuss around with posterboard and glue.

Source by Tim Ralston